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About Michael

Michael Kenney is a member of the Catholic Speakers Organization,

Michael Kenney is an attorney, educator, author, and producer, but most importantly he is a father of seven and a husband. He is a “Double Domer” having earned an undergraduate and law degree from Notre Dame. After practicing law for 13 years, he transitioned to higher education. He has taught and served in several capacities in Catholic education for more than twenty years.

His love for America’s founding principles inspired him to serve as a co-executive producer for the new hit movie Unplanned. Additionally, he assisted with a well-received new book entitled, In God We Trust: Morally Responsible Investing.

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Film & Writings

Heart of the Matter
Hosted by Michael Kenney

The Heart of the Matter, where we explore the world through the lenses of goodness, truth, and beauty. Hosted by Michael Kenney. Sponsored by Ave Maria Mutual Funds.

Produced by Michael Kenney

Attorney, author and movie producer, Michael O. Kenney (A.B. Notre Dame 1980, J.D. Notre Dame 1983) presents the making of “Unplanned”, the PureFlix film, about former Planned Parenthood facility manager Abby Johnson’s conversion to the pro-life movement. (See:

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In God We Trust
by George P. Schwartz and Michael O Kenney

“Drawing on history as well as facts and figures from today, this book is a masterpiece in ethical persuasion . . . . If you love America, you need to read this book.” Pamela Gossiaux, Goodreads

“. . . expressing your deeply held beliefs through your investment strategy is a benign and powerful way to shape the world in an ethically positive direction. You will not regret reading this book.” Mike Ball, Goodreads

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What People Are Saying

I hosted Michael Kenney as a guest on both my radio show and at my parish. On both occasions, he was a definite “hit.” Michael is a dedicated and inspiring man. He has a strong successful record in the fields of law, education, and communication. His commitment to a robust Catholic Christianity is both obvious and contagious. With more people like Michael Kenney, the Church WILL begin a NewEvangelization.

Dan Cheely
Director of Evangelization at St. Mary of the Angels and Relevant Radio Host

Michael, I have known you for many years; everything you have ever done has been in service of God, your faith, and others. I want to thank you for a lifetime of service. And I want to pledge our [the clergy and religious] support to you in any way possible.

Father Jim Baraniak

Michael read the script, believed in the project, and inspired the first investors. Without him, there would be no Unplanned.

Cary Solomon
Writer, Producer, Director, Unplanned (2019)

Michael Kenney’s presentation on the feature film “Unplanned” at Saint Odilo Church Berwyn, Illinois was just what the doctor ordered. It helped everyone to put the movie and the issue and even filmmakers in a proper context. We learned clearly that there are decent, good people who believe in life and love and who are producing and filming quality pro-life movies. It was more than encouraging to learn that.

Father Anthony Brankin


How to Live a Good Life: Following New Testament Ethics
by Václav Rajlich

How do I live a truly good life? That, in many respects, is the question we all must ask ourselves and answer. As always, even in our post-Christian society, Christ is the answer, and we discover him in the New Testament.

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